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Guerilla Marketing

Every organization and industry is different in many ways, but marketing services must be tailored to address the needs of the organization and dovetail with their business plan and marketing plan.

Guerilla Marketing (GM) is a cost-driven approach to marketing using low-cost or alternative methods to achieve essential marketing goals:  

  • customer awareness of the company and the company’s products,

  • establishing customer interest in these products,

  • stimulating a choice to purchase, and

  • providing the means to track customer satisfaction post-sale.

GM tactics involve using low-frill marketing tools (e.g., office-printed business cards vs. expensive business card printing services using heavy card stock or plastics), press releases vs. paid advertising, rented trade show resources vs. purchased booths and materials, community participation events vs. print or newspaper advertising, etc.  

NET has worked with previous clients using these tools.  NET’s added value is to provide a professionally developed marketing plan and resources coordinated with the customer’s central business objective and unique style for public presentation, a GM service in itself as an inexpensive alternative to hiring a full-time marketing professional with associated salary and benefits burdens.



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