The Satisfied Customer

One of NET's main activities is the development of a primary resource for business managers to measure and assess customer satisfaction.  Our first effort in this field targets restaurants as a focus of study.  The downloadable document below, "The Satisfied Customer," currently provides a process for evaluating customer satisfaction by restaurant owners.  It also provides insights for customers for a better way to assess their dining experiences.

If you received one of our business cards with a rating on it, this is how to interpret the ratings:

  1. There are three numbers, for example:  3/4/5
  2. Add them up.  In this example, 3+4+5 = 12
  3. In general, the overall rating can be interpreted from this scale:
    1. 3-4        Bad overall experience
    2. 5-7        Fair overall experience
    3. 8-11      Average overall experience
    4. 12-13    Good overall experience
    5. 14-15    Great overall experience
  4. Each of the 3 numbers range in value from 1-5. 
    1. The first number relates to how Safe the patron felt at/in your facility.  Safety comprises a number of sub-factors including neighborhood public safety, sanitization and sanitary practices observable to the patron, and apparent purity of the food and beverages.
    2. The second number relates to the level of Service the patron felt and observed.  This starts from the host/hostess at the entry and extends to, of course, the wait staff, bus staff, food handlers, etc.
    3. The third number reflects a perception of overall Value received by the patron for each dollar spent.  A low number (1-2) means the patron felt the value of the food and services received did not justify the cost of the meal.  A high number (4-5) means the patron felt the value of food and service exceeded expectations for the amount spent.  A '3' means that the patron is satisfied that what s/he received was worth what they paid.
  5. If there is an alpha-numeric value following the word "Code," enter that value in the web site URL after a slant bar and you will be taken to a page that details the patron's actual experience with your establishment.  For example, if your code is ABCD, then make the URL read and you will be taken to that page.


The Satisfied Customer (PDF download, 215 KB)

This document is in the early stages of writing and development.  Return periodically for more current and complete versions.